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Sometimes we get stuck on our way towards achieving our goals. Depression and anxiety can be immobilizing and pose obstacles to taking the next step.  Therapy can free up new energy and self-understanding as thoughts and feelings are expressed, leading to greater control over our lives. I am a skilled and caring therapist committed to helping foster the personal growth of individuals, couples, and families coping with: anxiety, depression, relationship conflicts, and or seeking freedom from dependency, co-dependency, and destructive behaviors 

I see every client as a unique individual to be treated with respect, empathy, acceptance, an open mind and objectively. I provide a comfortable environment where you can feel safe to talk openly. The best way to tell if therapy with a licensed therapist or coaching with a certified coach is best for you is to experience it firsthand. 


Please feel free to email or call to set up an initial consultation, or if you need additional information.

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